1970 Regularly as clockwork an- chorman Brick Steel has the latest and most exciting news for you from all over the world. Today at 4pm it’s all about Vienna! A street musician gets a boost from a self- assured squirrel. The artist had placed his violin to one side during a well-earned break in front of the Belvedere Palace, giving the musical rodent the opportunity to make the instrument its own. You have to see this to believe it! And there’s another Channel 7 News exclusive on the horizon: Thomastik-Infeld is well known for its steel and rope core strings. Steel is about to bring their latest invention to the screen: Synthetic core strings, designed to revolutionize the music market again. The controversial invention is called Dominant and Channel 7 has all the inside information that you are keen to hear. Never miss a beat Channel 7 at 4pm Page 4 / Thomastik-Times Top of TV. Don’t you miss it! With more and more TV shows to choose from, it’s getting hard to decide what to spend your well-deserved TV time on! Good thing there’s our editors who picked out just the right program for you. Horoscope. Find out what the future holds for you Your instrument horoscope for 1970 and the years to come is brought to you by the Thomastik-Times astrology team. Find out if this year’s moon presents new opportunities to optimize your play, if today’s the day to take a chance on trying new strings, or if you should be questioning your string set-up! DRAMA Dallas Lucy storms off to the outskirts of Dallas and John Parker, who scored the music for Season 2 Episode 7 “Runaway”, punctuates each of her outbursts with a cloying violin solo that will become the character’s theme music in later episodes. Tune in to find out if it’s Thomastik-Infeld violin strings you hear on the instrument! COMEDY I love Lucy Lucille Ball will forever be remembered as one of the funniest and most talented women that television has ever seen. Turn on this Wednesday to see her in “The Audition” as Buffo the Clown pretending to play a cello without a bow, but what very likely seems to be Spirocore strings! Violin What a year it has been! With energizer Mars in Aries and a worldly, expansive ninth house for most of 1970, progressive innovation is on the upswing. No wonder more revolutionary string developments are on the horizon, promising an exciting and above all eventful future, with the launch of Vision Solo in 2007 and Peter Infeld in 2010 your play will be even more “distringuishable”. Viola During the first quarter you might feel a little insecure. For violas there are no clearly standardized relationships between body lengths and vibrating string lengths; it is possible to have a small body with a long vibrating string length or a large body with a short vibrating string length. But don’t you worry, the right string match is out there for each of them! Cello Having troubles making string decisions these days? The last quarter moon promises tone clarity, warmth, sustain and punch, all conveniently provided by Thomastik-Infeld cello strings. And the future will hold even more possibilities for an outstanding performance… Our astrologers tell us that there is a whole (Uni) Versum of Thomastik-Infeld strings waiting to be played next century! Double Bass Mercury in Pisces is helping you to keep trying these difficult chords you once promised yourself you’d master. Don’t give up! Your longing for a dark and warm tone with excellent resonance might be fulfilled just by trying something new - Spirocore strings for example! Let’s get to that jazz groove you’ve always dreamt of! Guitar Single guitars will find their perfect string match just within this year. Rumor has it that Thomastik-Infeld offers a wide range of guitar strings which are just waiting to be paired with a guitar and ready to rock the stage! Shake off the dust and throw yourself in the string testing scene, you’re sure to get lucky! Folk 1970 is seemingly a good year for those playing either banjo or oud because Thomastik-Infeld has now got you covered with strings for both instruments! A quick glance into the future promises the birth of erhu strings in 1995 which promise to become the strings of choice for artists, students, and educators. 25 years – pretty much just a blink of an eye! NEWS String Revolution Outstanding news is about to be revealed from a string manufactory in Vienna, Austria, where string designers and engineers are claiming to have successfully developed the very first synthetic core string. Don’t miss it on Channel 7 at 4pm! More information below! Answers 1. PERLMAN, 2. ERICH, 3. MARGARETHA, 4.VIENNA, 5. GUT, 6. STABILITY, 7. DIEHLGASSE, 8.VIOLIN, 9. NYLON, 10. OTTO, 11. SILVER FAMILY The Waltons You do not want to miss the first season finale of “The Waltons”. Jason enters an amateur talent show, playing and singing a song inspired by his Grandma: “The Ironing Board Blues”. Will Jason win the contest and with it, a new guitar, potentially fully equipped with brand new Thomastik-Infeld Jazz Swing strings? DOMINANT MORE THAN A LEGEND MUSIC Woodstock Documentary Woodstock was definitely a one- off happening, with half a million people participating. Thanks to Michael Wadleigh and his documentary you get the chance to relive the legendary music festival again. Feel the peace and the music from the comfort of your couch! Masthead Thomastik-Infeld GmbH Diehlgasse 27, 1050 Vienna, Austria [email protected] | Idea, concept + copy: Thomastik-Infeld Design: Nik Pichler Communications Cartoonist: Martin Weinknecht Print: Jentzsch