1970 Houston Crossword 1. Luthier Bill Lee equipped Pinchas Zukerman and Itzhak with Dominant strings. 2. What is the first name of the string developer whose work was crucial to the creation of the Dominant? 3. Who named the Dominant? (First name) 4. In which city are Dominant strings exclusively produced? 5. Which core material does Thomastik-Infeld not use for its strings? 6. Contrary to gut strings, Dominant strings have an outstanding tuning . 7. This is the street of Thomastik- Infeld’s headquarters. 8. For this instrument’s strings, Thomastik-Infeld has established itself as world market leader. 9. What’s the first completely synthetic fiber called? 10.What is the first name of one of the founding fathers of Thomastik- Infeld? 11. What outer material is never used on violin A-strings? How much do you know about the famous string manufactory from Vienna? Don’t worry, all the answers are spread throughout this paper! Hey Jude, Penny Lane, Here comes the Sun, Come Together ... the list of hits by The Beatles is limitless. A decade ago, in 1960, four musicians got together and embarked on a unique career as The Beatles. No other band has shaped and mixed up the world so much: Experimental. Fresh. Music that knows no limits. The Beatles’ ideas seemed almost inexhaustible and their friendship appeared unshakable. An image that countless fans must now bid farewell to. In the course of their career, The Beatles have not only made music history; there is also a spirit of optimism and courage with and around them. The Beatles are representative of an entire generation. With Paul McCartney’s exit, everything suddenly changed. There is a stunned, apocalyptic mood among the fans. “I just can’t stop crying!” sobs a fan who has arrived at Abbey Road. Another puts his arm comfortingly around his shoulders and agrees, “I never E nd the whistling! The Dominant E-string 130 is an aluminum wound steel core string and it doesn’t whistle! Fall in love with its outstanding response and soft sound! Your ears will thank you as it delights with well-balanced volume and brilliance – perfect for the sensitive ears of children or for salon music. Being comparatively easy to play, this string is also very suitable for younger students. A level on its own! Thomastik- Infeld’s Dominant A-string 131 promises to be a real hit. The aluminum wound synthetic core string responds instantly. It is ideally balanced, perfectly combining brilliance and warmth to bring out the most of your instrument. Be prepared to hear and create sound colors you never thought possible! The most sold single violin string! D esigned to support! The Dominant D-string 132 is a synthetic core aluminum wound all-round talent. The string supports darker or weak sounding instruments by adding volume and brilliance. Its diameter and bow noise are similar to a blanc gut string, but its response is still very direct. The silver wound alternative - 132A offers even more modulation ability, warmth and sound colors. You will also enjoy the finer grained bow noise. G ame changing! Thomastik- Infeld’s Dominant 133 is a synthetic core silver wound G-string that works for violins of all styles and ages. The tonal character is perfectly balanced between warmth and brilliance, the sound beam both focused and broad. The string offers great projection. The NASA “Apollo 13” mission was supposed to bring people to the moon for the third time. Instead, an oxygen tank explodes on April 13, 1970, triggered by a burnt cable and a short circuit. For 90 hours, astronauts Jim Lovell, Jack Swigert and Fred Haise are on the verge of catastrophe. To rescue the crew, a daring maneuver is decided: fly on to the moon and gain momentum in its gravitational field for the way back. A plan to modify the spacecraft is urgently drawn up, which will enable the astronauts to safely survive the 180,000 nautical miles journey home. The manual course correction for the desired entry into the earth’s atmosphere is also successful and the crew are able to land safely. Spoiler alert: many years later, Thomastik-Infeld will use materials from space travel for its strings! String Doctor Thomastik-Infeld’s universe begins at a redwooden front door in Vienna’s fifth district, Margarethen. Since 1955, this unassuming edifice in Diehlgasse has been home to Thomastik-Infeld’s development and production sites, as well as its string testing rooms and offices. But how did it all start? Thomastik-Infeld was founded in 1919, receiving its name from two visionaries with a strong passion for music and an incredible innovative spirit. Dr. Franz Thomastik experimented early on with a wide variety of raw materials and examined their potential for the development and manufacturing of progressive strings. He went to great lengths to revolutionize the string market, which at the time was dominated by gut strings. In Otto Infeld, an engineer and technology expert, he found his professional counterpart. With his technical abilities, he complemented Franz Thomastik’s ideas and together they demonstrated their unique inventive talent in the field of string development. By 1926 strings of respectable quality had already been developed for all string instruments, and Thomastik-Infeld continues to stun the world with progressive string inventions! expected it.” “Abbey Road” and “Let it Be”, the Beatles’ last two albums, can be heard playing on their Walkmans. It is difficult for the crowd to grasp that Lennon, McCartney, Harrison, and Starr have evolved from a closed set to four creative individual strings. A process that must have been both natural and fraught with tension at the same time. “It’s just a band that’s breaking up – It’s not the end of the world,” says John Lennon in an interview and even Paul McCartney tries to soothe the fans, “The secret is we’re all part of it”. It’s quiet on Abbey Road 4 Beatles cut their strings 4 Strings, 1 Game Changer The many revolutionary characteristics of Dominant You can find the answers on page 4. World Pop We are the world! Humankind is on the rise, as the world population reaches 3.6 billion people. How many of them might be musicians? Spam! These days SPAM is on everyone’s lips thanks to a hilarious Monty Python sketch written by Terry Jones and Michael Palin. While the protagonists are dealing with the ubiquity of canned cooked pork, we heard from leading scientists that the term SPAM will be used for unsolicited electronic communications in the future. Yeah, right… As if there will ever be electronic communication and you could ask any string-related question from anywhere in the world by simply sending a few lines to [email protected] NYC Runs On September 13, 1970, a total of 127 competitors put on their running shoes and lined up for what was to be the first New York City marathon organized by New York Road Runners presidents Lebow and Chiappetta. While only 55 actually crossed the finish line after 26.2 miles (which equals the combined length of 75,000 Dominant strings), we assume that the others went music string shopping instead. Aristocats Walt Disney Studios have released their 20 th animated feature film about a family of musical aristocratic cats and a heroic alley cat. It also features a feline playing double bass, most likely on Spirocore strings! The price of a movie ticket is a staggering $1.55. We can’t think of a better Christmas gift (well, maybe strings). 747 Passengers, fasten your seatbelts! The Boeing 747, also named the Jumbo Jet, enters commercial service with a Pan Am transatlantic flight, bringing you from New York’s Carnegie Hall to London’s Royal Albert Hall. Flying ovations! Page 2 / Thomastik-Times © TaraPatta/ © Alexey V Smirnov/ © Giancarlo Liguori/ 5 7 2 1 3 8 6 9 7 11 10 2 4 1 3 8 5 9 6 1 3 5 7 2 4 6 8 9 4